The AI Summit

The AI Summit New York is designed to provide the platform to both turbocharge and safeguard the organisations’ AI journey. The event presents opportunities of one-to-one engagement with AI pioneers, world-exclusive presentations from leading business strategists, deep-dive workshops with the brightest minds in tech. 

Across 8 content tracks, zonal exhibition, and dozens of workshops and show floor features – the AI Summit remains focussed on genuine use-cases, real life business applications, and success stories from across business functions, and across core industry verticals. This presents a unique opportunity to access and engage with a cross-section of decision makers across The Enterprise in a single event. 

At 16:25 on 11 December, Elena Treshcheva, Business Development, Exactpro, will give a talk on Machine Learning for Software Testing.

Get in touch with Exactpro’s Elena Treshcheva, BD, US and Thomas Toller, Director, US to learn how Exactpro can leverage best software testing practices and technological advancements to enhance the resiliency of your systems.

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